A Woman’s Last Name


I was taught by my American culture that I must change my name when I get married because I am his.

I was taught by Islam that I don’t have to change the name my father gave me. I am not my husband’s property. 

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Our children are getting massacred and gassed off this planet every second in Syria, and no one cares. The Assad regime is committing genocide and trying to wipe Ahlul Sunnah of this Earth, and all we do is argue about politics. Our mothers are crying day and night for their dead children, our orphans are crying day and night for their parents, and some people claim that “they deserve it”. Our families are getting fatwas from scholars to eat cats out of starvation, and we throw away so much food. Our Mosques are getting bombed and destroyed by the Assad regime, and somehow Muslims still support him.

Let it be known that the end is near, and we will all be judged by our Lord one day. The pictures are in front of you. The videos are in front of you. There are millions of people from Syria crying to world for help, and I’m one of them. You know this is the truth so stop denying it. Open your heart up. Please, not for our sake, but for your own. Because one day, you will be judged.

الى كل من يندد ويشجب ويصرح ويثير الضوضاء في الخارج

أخفضو أصواتكم „ فأطفالنا مازلو نيام


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Mistakes were mistakes, and failures were failures. But do not torment yourself (or others) with memories of their past, rather be optimistic and remember the words of Allaah: “Say, ‘O My servants who have committed excess against themselves, do not despair of Allah’s mercy. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins, for it is He who is the Ever-forgiving, Merciful.” [39:53

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The blue hour.

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My life through the lens. Well, some of it…

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